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How To: Best Secrets Ludo Game Application For Android Devices You Should Try (Updated).

por | abr 16, 2021 | Android APK Download | 0 Comentários

This is where you can earn more with your master plan and amazing strategies. After buying coins, you can start the battle of the Pocket Ludo Game. Each player is assigned 4 tokens of either red, green, blue, or yellow color. A player needs to roll the dice to keep these tokens moving on the board.

Then Move your Token with dice numbers until your second tokens get out of the home. Strategies in such a way that keep moving 2 pieces towards the home and 2 for covering opponents pieces. The more Ludo Game apk free download you will move your pieces logically, you can prevent your pieces from getting killed by an opponent. If your defeat is unavoidable just turn mobile data off or wifi off and your all coins will be restored. Keep the piece in a safe place and move it only if you get a bigger number, this will prevent you from getting killed.

Game Rules

Before the game starts, the players’ tokens are placed at the four corners of the board, according to each player’s colour. Stone Age is a game where numerous people who have played less than 20 games comment about how much luck it has. Yet highly skilled Stone Age players never lose to people who have played fewer than 20 times. The dice rolls and random cards/tiles ordering sure gives it the appearance of luck, though. However, knowing the players perfectly, games of skill are easy to detect. Have a relative newcomer play against a relative expert .

So, this was the list of addictive and best Ludo games apps, that you can play with anyone and anywhere. If you want another fun games list from us, let us know in the comments. Ludo really connects you with people and many people find the mobile game very convenient in comparison to a board game. There are very rare chances that you will sit for hours with your friends on a real Ludo board again. But try these games that won’t let your Ludo memories fade away.

All About Ludo Aata

People have become so obsessed with the game that it reminds you of a Pokemon that kept users glued to their screens. It’s just another smartphone fad like prisma app, or dubsmash, or candy crush but hey, it’s no reason you can’t enjoy it while the trend lasts. You can skip the game also to get the results directly. New users will get bonus amount of Rs.25 in his/her account when they sign up for the first time. Player needs to open an account with LUDO FANTASY game. Ludo Fantasy, One of the best Real Money ludo Game.

  • This game is much similar to all the other Ludo games available for Android devices, every game is having different gameplay which is also present in this game.
  • ✴ Option to get another turn on both dice number 1 and 6.
  • The higher the number of wins, the greater the reward.
  • Ludo Zenith is a new take on the popular strategy board game – Ludo.
  • Yes, this hack device, found by a group of intelligent developers from our in-residence farm, has the capability to compensate you for all your disappointment.
  • The online multiplayer game can be more challenging as you’re connected with random players around the world.

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